Medication Therapy Management


Medication therapy management, otherwise known as MTM, is a term used for a program to help you manage your medications and health conditions. Medication therapy management services include medication therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy consults, anticoagulation management, immunizations, health and wellness programs and many other clinical services. Pharmacists provide medication therapy management to help patients get the best benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing and resolving medication-related problems.

  • Do you take several medications for several different health conditions?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your health and your medications?
  • Are you having any side effects from your medications?
  • Do you have any questions about your medications?
  • Do you want to know how best to take your medications to get the most from your medications?
  • Do you take medications that require close monitoring such as medication levels?
  • Have you been hospitalized recently?
  • Would you like to know if you are up-to-date on the recommended vaccines?
  • Would you like to have a complete list of the medications you take for your personal use?
  • Do you have any concerns about medication costs?
  • Would you like to receive education on diet and exercise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from medication therapy management. With this program, our pharmacists will ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medications. In addition, our pharmacists can help you better manage your medications and health conditions, so you can live a healthier life.

What We Provide:

With the Medication therapy Management we focus on providing Solution for our patients regarding

  • Manage their Medication.
  • Save cost of medication & their time.
  • Possible Side effects
  • Duplicate Medication.
  • Allergic Reactions to Medication & Food.
  • Drug Reactions while interacting with drugs for other disease & over the counter Medicines.
  • Managing the Dosage.

Medication Therapy Management Includes:

  • Perform patient assessment and/or a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
  • Formulate a Medication Treatment Plan
  • Monitoring efficacy and safety of Medication Therapy
  • Enhancing medication adherence through patient empowerment and education
  • Documenting and Communicating Medication Therapy Management services to prescribers in order to maintain comprehensive patient care

At Saint Cloud Pharmacy our Pharmacists conduct Medication Therapy Review which collects the information regarding the patients and their medications and identifies as well as prioritize the Medication Related program. During the session with the Patient, our Pharmacist conducts review on the Patients Medication Record and focus on the prescription and non-prescription products which needs necessary update. We formulate a Medication related Action Plan, with a list of self management action to achieve patients specific health goals. We use this tool to record actions and track progress towards health goals.

Our pharmacist identifies medication-related problem and determines appropriate changes for resolution. We might collaborate with other health care professionals to resolve the identified problem to provide optimum resolution.

Face to Face with Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) Recipient

Optimal delivery of a CMR should involve the patient and should occur face-to-face. If it is determined that the patient is cognitively-impaired and unable to participate in the CMR, the National MTM Advisory Board recommends the CMR should be conducted with the patient’s authorized representative, including:

  • The patient’s family member(s)
  • Health care proxy/legal guardian
  • Prescriber Preference should first be given to involve the patient’s family member(s) in an effort to further engage and empower the family member(s) in the management of the patient’s medications

Importance of Local Pharmacy

While offering a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) service, patients report that having their regular pharmacy provides the service is a key factor that drives acceptance. The results originate from a survey of the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association.

These results align with an approach of positioning local pharmacists as the primary providers of MTM services, especially the Comprehensive Medication Review. When it comes to something as important as their healthcare and, in particular their medications, patients want to work with local pharmacists they know and trust. Not unexpectedly, they are less inclined to share information with a stranger on the phone.

Covered by Health Plans

Another key factor in the acceptance of a CMR that was noted in the research manuscript was out-of-pocket costs. The costs of the CMR and other MTM services today are covered by health plans, rendering the out-of-pocket costs concern a non-factor.

Why Is Medication Therapy Management Needed?

Medication-related problems and medication mismanagement are a massive public health problem in the United States. Experts estimate that 1.5 million preventable adverse events occur each year that result in $177 billion in injury and death

Where Is Medication Therapy Management Provided?

Pharmacists provide medication therapy management services in all care settings in which patients take medications. While pharmacists in different settings may provide different types of medication therapy management services, the goal of all pharmacists providing medication therapy management is to make sure that the medication is right for the patient and his or her health conditions and that the best possible outcomes from treatment are achieved.

Who Can Benefit From Medication Therapy Management?

Anyone who uses prescription medications, non-prescription medications, herbals or other dietary supplements may potentially benefit from medication therapy management services. People who may benefit the most include those who use several medications, those who have several health conditions, those who have questions or problems with their medications, those who are taking medications that require close monitoring, those who have been hospitalized and those who obtain their medications from more than one pharmacy.

Customized Interventions

The medication therapy management program at St.Cloud Pharmacy offers customized educational interventions to prevent underutilization, over-utilization, inappropriate use and abuse of certain drugs. We can either develop and implement a program for you, or set one up that you can run with your own staff. Our medication management services, which can be directed toward patients, caregivers, prescribers, or pharmacies, include the following:

  • Identify patients with specific disease states using sophisticated queries
  • Analyze prescribing trends
  • Intervene and offer medication recommendations designed to improve therapeutic outcomes
  • Communicate recommendations to the patient’s primary care provider
  • Call patients to ensure they understand how to obtain and properly use the medications they need
  • Provide culturally sensitive and easy-to-understand materials and training

Motivational Interviewing

At St.Cloud Pharmacy, we go beyond simply evaluating patient's drug profiles. The medication therapy management pharmacists in our Pharmacy use motivational interviewing to determine why your patients may be taking their medications improperly — or maybe not at all. This technique was particularly helpful when we associated with a senior living facility on a medication management program. This method enhances our communication with patients and makes a difference in their health outcomes:

  • Encourages patients to commit to taking medications according to their physician's recommendations
  • Includes call backs to follow up with patients and confirm that they are taking the medications
  • Reaches a target number of calls based on a patient’s risk of not taking medication
  • Tracks all interventions, documenting prescribed treatments and patient's responses to motivational interviewing

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